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We thought it might be fun to show you some plants that were grown by Cottage Farms customers. As we receive more images we plan to add to this page and we will, from time to time, be switching out the images. For now, we hope you enjoy the pictures.

Carolyn R. - Ames, IA
It has been unbelievable watching how quickly my tree roses have grown in the month and a half they have been planted!
My husband and I enjoy them everyday!

Robin & Madison W. - Marion, VA
Here are some flowers from our garden.

Deanna - San Diego, CA
Some photos from my Cottage Farms container gardens.

Gregg - Warwick, RI
Here is a picture of the Stargazer Lillies I bought on QVC last spring. They have even bloomed bigger than the picture shows. Thank you for making me the envy of the neighborhood!

Debbie H.
Pictures of plants that I have bought from Cottage Farms. Wonderful plants. Love to sit and watch them grown. Thank You!

Kim B. - Theodore, AL
Here's my baby and my 'Nearly Black' rose.
Kisses to Phillip!!

Candace - Kansas
Clematis 'Polish Spirit'

Lorraine P. - New Jersey
Love my Cottage Farms flowers!

This is my tree rose Double Delight, it is doing great. Thanks Cottage Farms I am really happy with your products.

Karen S. - New York
Last January '06 I broke my leg and was house bound for 2.5 months.
While recovering I was loving the shows you were doing on QVC.
It was snowing and blowing here in upstate NY but your shows were life savers.
Well needless to say I ordered one thing after the other...
so much stuff that I also started to plan a brand new garden.
Thanks much for helping me get through those terrible months by dreaming of being in my garden again.

Melissa - Freeport, IL
Here are my mini roses and my rose tree. I had the best of luck with all my flowers from Cottage Farms.

Stephanie - Irvington, AL
Thanks Phillip! I love you!!!

Judy S. - Argyle, TX
We really loved all our lilies. They were just beautiful...
We plan to move in the next year, and you can bet these will go with us.

WOW..what else is there to say..The Best!

Dorothy - San Antonio, TX
Just a few of many Cottage Farms' roses...

Tom and Dawn's Grandaughter with their hibiscus
I have been like a kid at Christmas waiting for them to open.
Hopefully the hydrangeneas are next.

Tonya P. - Theodore, AL
These are Cottage Farms flowers from my flower bed.

Tonya P. - Theodore, AL
Here are more of my Cottage Farms plants.

Diane S. - McLean, VA
I'm fairly new at gardening so your shows on QVC have been quite helpful.
I thought you might like to see some of the results.

Cindy J. - Richmond, VA
My first red rose.
Thank you for bringing joy into my summer.

Kay R. - Centennial, CO
This is only the 2nd year for my plants and I just had to send
you some pictures. Everyone that sees them, raves about them.
The flowers are gorgeous and I have so many buds.

Lorraine C. - Willmington, NC
The lilies were unbelievably fragrant, and they...look great!

Chris F. - PA
Just wanted you to see just one of my beautiful dalhias -
they just keep right on blooming. So big and so so beautiful...
Yellow is my favorite.

I'm glad I have a friend who knows flowers
and is kind enough to write me back.

Norma W.
Just wanted to show off these poodle roses
that were planted spring 2005.

Becky & David B.
Here are pictures of two of our
Cottage Farms SubZero Roses. They
are already in bloom and as you can see,
absolutely gorgeous after only two months
to the day of being planted. The pictures
don't do them justice. Especially the colors
but I'm sure you know. The others are just
as beautiful. Thanks.

Phyllis B. - Daly City, CA
My very pretty... Snowball Tree from
Cottage Farms. The Snowball Tree was
planted last year 2004....

Mag. B.
thank you for your lillies!!
have over75 now in full bloom
cottage farms delivers

Ethel W. - Hixon, TN
I thought you might like to see what I grew
from the plants I ordered from QVC last year....

Harry B.
I would like to share with you some of the
flowers from my garden from Cottage Farms.
I just received another shipment of your lillies
to add to my garden.

Gina - PA
Thought you would like to see my pink tree
hydrangea after 5 months. I couldn't believe I got
sooooooo many blooms the first year.
Just beautiful.

Candace S.
One of my mini-roses bloomed! I did it!

Mary Lou P.
this is the second year for this bush, it is a
cottage farms rose and so beautiful....

A few pics of some lillies we purchased
from you this spring. Just beautiful.

Sherrie D. - Boiling Spring Lakes, NC
My Mother ordered (Angel Trumpets) from
you online, and I have read that they get to be 6
feet tall.... Mine, however, is more like 9 feet tall!
It used to be tucked into that corner of my house.
Now, it has grown over the roof....
They are beautiful plants!

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