Lantana Patio Tree 'Celebration'
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Botanical: Lantana camara
Exposure: Full to part sun
Height: 4 to 6 feet

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Your lantanas are great landscape or container plants that will provide color for up to six months and attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your yard and garden. These heat tolerant annuals will amaze you with their toughness and durability!

For optimum growth and production we suggest fertilizing with
Cottage Farms' Carefree Bud-n-Flower Booster
Botanical: Lantana camara
Type: Annual
Exposure: Full to part sun
Mature Height: 4 to 6 feet
Mature Spread: 2 to 3 feet head span
Blooming Season: Late spring to fall
Foliage Type: Small oval leaves
Growth Rate: Moderate
Spacing: 36 to 48 inches
Warranty Period: 90-day
Reviews from our customers...
Too Cute!
I order this for the first time this year. It came dormant looked like a dead stick. I planted it and within 4 weeks it looked like the picture above. I have it in a pot with SunPatients around it. The bees love it I have it near my vegetable garden to draw in the bees and such. My husband says it's - Too Cute!
Just beautiful
Last Spring, I ordered the lantana patio tree "radiation" and could not have been happier with this small tree. All season, I kept tree trimmed so tree would look like a topiary. This tree lasted until frost killed it in the Fall. I was so thrilled with my experience, that I am again ordering the lantana tree for my garden this year.
Didn't last long
I kept this outside in large container. Seemed to be doing good. Brought it in for the died.
Love It!
I purchased this Lantana Tree last year and absolutely LOVED IT! I brought it inside for the winter and kept it under a sun lamp. It did really well until just before the cold weather ended. (For some reason I had a problem with gnats in the soil of all my houseplants.) I moved the Lantana Tree outside and an unexpected frost caused it to end up looking like a dead stick; however, I'm thrilled to write that my beautiful Lantana Tree it is now starting to bloom again!!!

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