Lantana Patio Tree 'Celebration'

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Too Cute!
I order this for the first time this year. It came dormant looked like a dead stick. I planted it and within 4 weeks it looked like the picture above. I have it in a pot with SunPatients around it. The bees love it I have it near my vegetable garden to draw in the bees and such. My husband says it's - Too Cute!
Just beautiful
Last Spring, I ordered the lantana patio tree "radiation" and could not have been happier with this small tree. All season, I kept tree trimmed so tree would look like a topiary. This tree lasted until frost killed it in the Fall. I was so thrilled with my experience, that I am again ordering the lantana tree for my garden this year.
Didn't last long
I kept this outside in large container. Seemed to be doing good. Brought it in for the died.
Love It!
I purchased this Lantana Tree last year and absolutely LOVED IT! I brought it inside for the winter and kept it under a sun lamp. It did really well until just before the cold weather ended. (For some reason I had a problem with gnats in the soil of all my houseplants.) I moved the Lantana Tree outside and an unexpected frost caused it to end up looking like a dead stick; however, I'm thrilled to write that my beautiful Lantana Tree it is now starting to bloom again!!!
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