Climbing Rose 'Joseph's Coat'

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JOSEPH'S COAT Won't grow - beautiful roses when they bloom.
This is my third year and it won't grow or bush out - just one small limb. When it flowers which is very very much - it is beautiful - i don't know what to do to make this grow - is where I live? Euless, TX? What can I do? Would love to have the beautiful roses. Thanks, Chestine
Very happy and surprised
I am a brand new "gardener." I've never done any out side gardening, besides little annuals, and seem to kill house plants! This year (2010) I ordered 2 Joseph's coats because I thought they were pretty, reasonably priced, and wanted something to plant by my clothes poles. They came as just roots, and even though I knew that, I thought I would never be able to grow them. I planted them, and watered them every day, and to my surprise they were the first to show life! I have had many blooms now, and they're beautiful! One is about 3 1/2 to 4 feet tall, and the other is about 2 feet tall, but wider/thicker.

It's also the first time I ordered from Cottage Farms. I called them to ask some questions, and their customer service was extremely nice, and very helpful. I live in zone 5 if that helps anyone out there who is also in my zone. I really hope these come back in the spring.
Kelly in Michigan
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