Complete Naturalizing Bulb Garden - 116pc
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This Collection Includes:
(20) Chapel Bells Fritillaria uva vulpis
(18) Dwarf Iris ‘Cloud Dancer’Iris histroides
(60) Lavender and Lace Windflowers Anemone blanda
(20) Midnight Poppy Anemone Anemone coronaria

MIDNIGHT POPPY ANEMONE Anemone coronaria - Poppy shaped flowers display brightly colored petals surrounding deep black centers. Perfect for rock gardens and borders—you can’t have too many! Their low-growing, bushy foliage resembles parsley leaves and makes a great filler. Perfect for container and require little attention. Grows 8-10” tall and blooms in late spring well into the summer. Plant in full sun. Great for cut flower bouquets. Deer resistant!

LAVENDER AND LACE WINDFLOWERS Anemone blanda - These daisy-like flowers come in vivid shades ranging from pinks, purples, blues, and whites. They are low growing making them perfect as a carpet in your garden or planted en masse. Windflowers are also good as an under cover, filling in your garden. Plant them in a meadow and watch them naturalize into a rainbow of flowers! . Plant in full sun or part shade. Windflowers are very hardy, will multiply and grow to a compact height of 3-4”. Ideal for rock gardens, borders or in a naturalized setting. Deer resistant!

CHAPEL BELLS Fritillaria uva vulpis - Members of the fritillaria family, these tulip-shaped flowers bow down gracefully atop their sturdy stalk. Rich burgundy flowers are filled with bright yellow centers that slightly turn outwards at the tips. Chapel bells’ leaves can appear as early as February in some areas. These lightly fragrant flowers can be planted as shallow as a few inches and mix well with tulips and daffodils. A great filler plant! . A very hardy perennial bulb that will naturalize and get larger over the years. Russian Chapel Bells bloom in the spring, lasting until early summer. They look lovely ion the border and grow 12-14” tall.

DWARF IRIS CLOUD DANCER Iris histroides - A 1996 Award of Garden Merit Winner! Powder blue flowers boast bright yellow crests with speckles on their falls. Reaching only 6-8 inches, this is the perfect plant for borders and rock gardens. This iris can flower as early as January in some areas and continues through summer. It is strong and durable and a rapid, yet non-invasive, multiplier!

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