Creeping Red Sedum - 12pc
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Botanical: Sedum spurium
Exposure: Full to Part Sun
Height: 3 to 4 inches
Spread: 12 to 16 inches

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One of the best ground covers for hot and dry areas!

Turn that ugly dry spot into a lush, blooming carpet with Dragons Blood Sedum. Succulent leaves stand up to the hottest weather and dry areas but yet survive the coldest areas of the country too. Hardy in zone 3-9, requiring almost no care once established, plants should be spaced 12 inches apart. Blooming in late summer, Dragons Blood Sedum creates a carpet of vibrant red flowers. Foliage turns a seasonal orange-red in the fall. Deer Resistant!

For optimum growth and production we suggest fertilizing with
Cottage Farms' Carefree Bud-n-Flower Booster
Botanical: Sedum spurium
Type: Perennial
Exposure: Full to Part Sun
Mature Height: 3 to 4 inches
Mature Spread: 12 to 16 inches
Flower Color: Red
Flower Form: Star like
Blooming Season: Late summer
Foliage Type: Succulent leaves
Growth Rate: Rapid
Spacing: 12 to 15 inches
Warranty Period: 1-year
Reviews from our customers...
Growing like crazy!!!
Purchased these along with some daylillies and 3n1 butterfly bushes. All arrived in great shape. These were bare root and I was kinda nervous they would not grow. I was wrong! I put them in a pot to get started and they came right in. I just planted them in my new butterfly garden as a border at the edge. So excited! Great price and they look great too!

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