'Merlot Magic' SunPatiens® - 3pc

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Stunning unique color. 'Merlot Magic' features deep violet-burgundy flowers that practically blanket the entire plant! Part of the Next Generation series of SunPatiens®, 'Merlot Magic' brings the garden to life with its compact habit, nonstop flowering and rich, regal color! Includes three actively growing plants in 2.5" pots.

Known for its fast growth and mounding habit, it is very rare to ever see a bare spot on 'Merlot Magic'. Blooms practically cover this plant head to toe as the leafy green foliage peeks out to provide great contrasting color! Natural butterfly attractant! Butterflies will flock to these stark blooms looking for a tasty treat. SunPatiens® provide them the nutrients they need to go about their day and pollinate your garden! Unstoppable flower power! The gorgeous wine-colored flowers cover your plant from late spring until frost. Spreading up to 30 inches across, SunPatiens® will cover a tremendous amount of space in your garden or will fill up large containers with spectacular color for over four months! An excellent alternative to traditional impatiens as they provide three times the coverage! A breeding breakthrough, SunPatiens® are the first impatiens to actually thrive in full sun! With a strong, durable root system, these SunPatiens® grow fast and fill in quickly. SunPatiens® are not fazed at all by downy mildew and require no deadheading! This easy-to-grow plant is a no-fail option for gardeners seeking high-impact color.
Botanical Name - Impatiens x hybrida hort 'Merlot Magic'
Hardiness Zones - Not winter hardy, will thrive from spring to fall in all zones
Annual or Perennial - Annual
Bloom season - Summer to frost
Exposure - Full to part sun
Drought Tolerant - No
Mature Height - 12 to 30 inches
Mature Width - 12 to 30 inches