'Arbequina' Olive

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Originating in Spain, this variety is known for its small-pitted fruit with a flavor described as fruity with a peppery finish. In olive oil, it has a buttery, sweet taste that can't be beat! Impeccable flavor with a high concentration of antioxidant-rich oils, olive trees have become a universal symbol for health and peace, making them the perfect gift for any olive-loving gardener! Includes one actively growing plant in a 4” pot.

This attractive plant features shiny green leaves and a slightly weeping habit. During spring, fragrant, creamy-white flowers emerge. Green olives quickly replace the blooms, then ripen to tan, dark purple or black in fall, signaling they are ready to be picked. Small fruit with a peppery finish! 'Arbequina' is a fast-growing self-pollinator. One plant can produce up to twenty pounds of olives annually, making it a valuable addition to your garden. Harvest when fruit turns deep purple or black! With the arrival of fall, green olives will begin to transform to a deep purple or black. This is the best time for harvesting! Adaptable and hardy plant with favorable traits! 'Arbequina' olives prefer full sun locations and easily adapt to nearly any soil type. Pest, disease and drought resistant, this relatively cold hardy variety can be planted in-ground in warmer zones or easily managed in containers in cooler zones. It can even be lightly pruned to maintain shape and moved indoors during winter. This product cannot ship to AZ.
Botanical Name - Olea europea 'Arbequina'
Hardiness Zones - 7-9 In zones 3-6 containerized with winter protection.
Annual or Perennial - Annual
Bloom season - Spring
Exposure - Full sun
Drought Tolerant - Yes
Mature Height - 8 to 10 feet
Mature Width - 8 to 10 feet