'Sunshine Blue' Blueberry Bush

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Easy-to-grow! This southern highbush is more tolerant than most of high pH and can be planted anywhere for year-round color. This self-pollinating blueberry has a low chill hour requirement, making it a great choice for both southern and northern gardeners alike. Blueberries are one the most nutritious small fruits available and are high in antioxidants and vitamins! Includes one actively growing plant in a one gallon pot.

Perfect for patio gardens, this ornamental blueberry bush is petite and trouble-free! In spring, bright pink flowers emerge and transform into an abundance of rich, sweet medium-sized blueberries. Each plant will bear 5 to 10 pounds of dime-sized berries per season, and after fruiting the plant displays gorgeous burgundy fall foliage! Fresh picked, homegrown blueberries have exceptional flavor, sweetness, and a higher vitamin and antioxidant content than commercially harvested blueberries purchased in a grocery store! The majority of blueberry cultivars only have a two week bearing period. THIS is what home gardening is all about - medium size berries, bursting with juicy-sweet nectar, ripening slowly so that you can enjoy fresh harvests for up to 6 weeks! This product cannot ship to OR.
Botanical Name - Vaccinium hybrid 'Sunshine Blue'
Hardiness Zones - 5-10
Annual or Perennial - Perennial
Bloom season - Late spring to early summer
Exposure - Full sun to part shade
Drought Tolerant - No
Mature Height - 3 feet
Mature Width - 3 feet