Perpetuals® Everblooming Shasta Daisy Collection - 4pc

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SKU: CFD14598
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Early flowering and an extra-long bloom show set this Shasta daisy apart from the rest! Its large flowers stand out with pure white petals and cheery yellow eyes, brightening the landscape from spring well into the fall months. Includes four ‘White Mountain’ in 3.25” pots.

Compact and highly versatile, this petite perennial fits perfectly into garden beds, borders, and container applications. Its bold white flowers create contrast in the landscape and look great in decorative pots on the patio, deck, or apartment balcony. ‘White Mountain’ withstands frigid winter weather and performs reliably despite sweltering summer heat. It stands up to urban pollution, thrives in inner city environments, and requires little maintenance or upkeep.
Botanical Name - Leucanthemum x superbum 'White Mountain'
Hardiness Zones - 5-9
Annual or Perennial - Perennial
Bloom season - Spring to fall
Exposure - Full to part sun
Drought Tolerant - No
Mature Height - 20 to 24 inches
Mature Width - 18 to 24 inches