'Pink Powderpuff' Grass - 3pc

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This long-blooming perennial thrives in full to part sun and is virtually carefree! Seasonal color and unique texture makes 'Pink Powderpuffs' a terrific value for discerning gardeners! This ornamental grass creates giant plumes of billowy pink clouds that last for over 12 weeks in your garden from late summer to fall! Includes three actively growing plants in 2.5” pots.

'Pink Powderpuffs' is known for its fine blue-green foliage, clump-forming, upright habit and pink flowers that seem to float above its foliage. This warm season, perennial grass is noted for its attractive summer foliage and spectacular clouds of fall flowers. Attracts birds and wildlife, yet deer will leave it alone in search for a tastier treat. It is perfect for foundation planting, borders, cottage style gardens, or mass plantings. 'Pink Powderpuffs' adds unique color and texture anywhere you plant it! Its clump-forming habit is excellent as a groundcover and its seed plumes remain attractive even during winter. This carefree plant is easy to grow and not particular about soil type. This US native ornamental grass resists deer and disease while providing visual interest all year. 'Pink Powderpuffs' grass is drought tolerant and thrives in humidity, making it landscape problem-solver for areas with poor or inadequate soil, air pollution and black walnut.
Botanical Name - Muhlenbergia capillaris
Hardiness Zones - 5-10
Annual or Perennial - Perennial
Bloom season - Late summer
Exposure - Full sun to part shade
Drought Tolerant - Yes
Mature Height - 2 to 3 feet
Mature Width - 2 to 3 feet