'Playground' Daylily - 3pc

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This whimsical daylily gives you incredible bang for your buck! Masses of delicate blossoms glimmer in the summer sun! Ruffled yellow blooms with a dark red-orange halo and green throat measure in at an impressive 5 inches across. Daylilies received their common name because each flower only lasts about one day. However, a single stalk can produce over 20 buds at a time with blooms opening over a period of several weeks. Includes three dormant, bareroot plants.

Selected as a high-performing perennial with vibrantly colorful flowers! Long yellow stamens and nectar-rich blossoms attract both butterflies and hummingbirds. These playfully colorful daylilies bloom repeatedly from early summer to fall. Daylilies are often used for edging the front of garden beds, but these compact plants also perform well in pots, mass plantings, and as a groundcover. 'Playground' has a long bloom period that can be extended even further by deadheading regularly. Growing in a vigorous yet compact habit, the bright green foliage peaks at a height of 26 inches tall and wide. Rugged daylilies survive harsh conditions that stop other plants in their tracks! 'Playground' is easy to grow and highly adaptable to polluted city environments, poor and dry soils, road salt, and black walnut trees. Requiring little to no maintenance, daylilies prefer full sun but can tolerate some shade. For best performance, keep daylilies moist during their first two growing seasons. Once established, however, they are famous for their exceptional heat and drought tolerance.
Botanical Name - Hemerocallis x Sp 'Playground'
Hardiness Zones - 3-9
Annual or Perennial - Perennial
Bloom season - Summer
Exposure - Full sun to part shade
Drought Tolerant - Yes
Mature Height - 26 inches
Mature Width - 26 inches