Dazzling Designs 2-N-1 'Pink Twist & Buttermint' Mini Rose - 2pc

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18-24-18 Bud-N-Flower Booster for Roses

These roses may be miniature, but what they lack in size they make up for in color! Two plants in one! The Dazzling Designs® 2N1 Mini Rose combines two different varieties of roses in one container to form a single plant with two contrasting bloom colors. Mini roses work in every garden and home! They are extremely versatile and can be planted in containers, window boxes, hanging baskets and nearly anywhere in the landscape. Includes two actively growing 2-N-1 plants in 4” pots.

The dark pink and white flowers of 'Pink Twist' and yellow petals of 'Buttermint' will light up your yard or porch and have the neighbors green with envy as they walk past your house! This duo is branched among compact, dense foliage that is neat and tidy! Mini roses attract wildlife! The colorful butterflies flocking to the blooms will add beauty and elegance to your garden. They bloom continuously from early summer until the first hard freeze in late fall, and come back year after year to repeat the rainbow of color! These plants just never seem to be out of bloom. No green thumb, no problem! Mini roses are for everyone. Very hardy and easy to grow, these compact, well-branched roses require only minimal pruning each spring.
Botanical Name - Rosa x 'Pink Twist & Buttermint
Hardiness Zones - 4-10
Annual or Perennial - Perennial
Bloom season - Early summer to frost
Exposure - Full to part sun
Drought Tolerant - No
Mature Height - 1 to 2 feet
Mature Width - 2 to 3 feet