Hibiscus 'Midnight Marvel'

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‘Midnight Marvel’ boasts 9” scarlet red flowers and wine purple, maple-like foliage. A cross between two outstanding varieties, this prolific hibiscus flowers from midsummer to fall with blooms completely covering each stem. Includes one dormant bareroot Hibiscus ‘Midnight Marvel’.

’Midnight Marvel’ makes a dramatic specimen plant or focal point, and looks great in an island bed surrounded by low-growing perennials. Its large, saucer-shaped blossoms draw attention to the garden and provide a long-lasting pop of color. Its colorful flowers draw in pollinators such as butterflies and bees, and its foliage proves unappetizing to hungry deer. ‘Midnight Marvel’ withstands frigid winter weather and comes back year after year. While perennial hibiscus is one of the last plants to wake up from winter dormancy, it makes up for the slow start with rapid growth and a dazzling summertime performance!
Botanical Name - Hibiscus 'Midnight Marvel' PP24079
Hardiness Zones - 4-9
Annual or Perennial - Perennial
Bloom season - Mid summer to frost
Exposure - Full to part sun
Drought Tolerant - No
Mature Height - 4 feet
Mature Width - 4.5 feet