Limitless Possibilities

Sedum is one of the most versatile plants you will find. It works great in sun or shade - it's cold hardy, drought tolerant - it fits great in small spaces and containers and is ideal for problem areas.
Low growing shallow-rooted sedum is the perfect landscape plant to beautify, solve problems, and easily grow in almost any situation.
The mat can be cut and shaped to fit any space or design to plant separately into pots, or space the sections out on the ground and they will spread out to fill in the space between. If cut into 2 inch squares, a 15 inch x 20 inch tray will provide 150 individual plugs ready for planting that will spread to about 3 times its original width if given the room.
Sedum is perfect for embankments and low traffic slopes, along driveways, garden walls, or pathways and also ideal for under-planting of shrubs or perennials to cut down on mulching and weeds. It works great between the stones of your walkway. The sedum makes an incredible center piece for your outdoor lunch party. Use around your house, deck or patio and along sidewalks to create a beautiful splash of rich color. Sedum works great in unique projects like covering a storage shed roof top, decorating the top of a feeder, forming the outside of the base of a planter, filling an old strawberry jar or cracked water fountain or as a door wreath.
The uses are only limited by one's imagination.

The easiest planting ever! No digging, just rake the soil to loosen and lay the carpet pieces on the ground or soil. Water periodically the first two weeks and occasionally the first summer until established.

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Limitless Possibilities with Sedum