Picture Perfect Sedum
Your sedum is so beautiful you just want to frame it and hang it on the wall. So, why not do exactly that?
Start by building a picture frame or simply use one you buy or already have. If possible, you may want to make sure the frame is made of wood and not particle board or some other material that will not last when exposed to the weather.
Then build a wooden box that is a little wider and longer than the length and width of the frame so that the frame will cover the end of the box. Also, you can make the inside of the box as deep as you'd like, but we recommend making it at least 3 inches deep to allow 2 inches for soil and 1 inch for the sedum to give it more soil to grow in. Add a few 1/4 inch diameter holes to each board (sides and back) to allow water to drain no matter how you display the sedum.
Cut a piece of deer netting to cover the top of the box or use chicken wire, or any kind of mesh that will hold the sedum in place while allowing it to grow through.
Fill the box with soil, packing it tightly into the box with your hands. Leave about 1 inch from the top for your sedum.
Shape your sedum to fit the box and lay it over the soil.
Use tacks or staples to secure the four corners of the netting/mesh to the box to keep it in place.
Nail the picture frame to the front of the box.
As the sedum grows it will create an amazing live tapestry for you to display. Hang it from an outside wall or from your deck. Lean it against a wall either on the floor or patio table. Lay it flat in the center of your table as a beautiful center piece.

Picture Perfect Sedum