Table That Lasts
How about a slight twist to the picture frame project? Use a table instead of the picture frame!
Start by building a table or simply use one you buy or already have.
If you build your table, build it with an opening in the middle. If you purchase a table or use one you already have, cut an area out of the middle of the table (make sure you leave plenty of room around the opening to use the table for putting things on).
Note that your opening doesn't have to be square. You might wish to get creative and make the opening round, star shaped or any other shape you like. When you build your box, it doesn't have to be square either, just make sure the table completely covers the box so that only the inside of the box shows through the opening.
Build a wooden box that is a little wider and longer than the length and width of the opening so that the table will cover the end of the box. Also, you can make the inside of the box as deep as you'd like, but we recommend making it at least 3 inches deep to allow 2 inches for soil and 1 inch for the sedum to give it more soil to grow in. Add a few 1/4 inch diameter holes to the bottom of the box to allow water to drain.
Nail the box to the bottom of the table with its opening up.
Fill the box with soil, packing it tightly into the box with your hands. Leave about 1 inch from the top for your sedum.
Shape your sedum to fit the opening and lay it over the soil.

Table That Lasts