Spring has arrived and we’re busy as bees shipping plants to customers. We would like to share some helpful tips for caring for your plants when they arrive. Getting your plants off to a great start at planting time is crucial for gardening success!
If possible, have your soil and garden bed ready when the plants arrive, especially if you’re creating a new bed. If you cannot plant right away, follow the recommendations below in the meantime.
For specific step-by-step planting instructions, please refer to the planting guide included with your order. We also have all of our planting guides available on our website, and they include information on feeding, watering, and continuing care.
Receiving Your Plants
We ship when it’s time to plant in your area based on the USDA hardiness zone map. However, Mother Nature can have a different plan, such as the extended winter weather much of the country has recently experienced. It’s best to plant your new arrivals as soon as possible, but if you’re unable to plant for a few days, go ahead and remove the plants from the box to let them get some fresh air. Placing the plants in a shady location for the first day or two will help them acclimate to the sunlight after their journey to you inside a dark box.
Follow the instructions below to keep your actively growing or dormant plants healthy until you’re ready to plant them.
Potted Plants:
  • Roll the plastic around each plant.
  • Place them in a shady location for the first day or two, then move them to a sunny spot.
  • Keep the plants well-watered, but do not allow them to sit in water.
Bare Root Plants:
  • Place the plant in a cool, dark place such as a refrigerator, unheated garage or basement.
  • Keep the roots moist by using a spray bottle to mist them if you find that they are getting dry.
Although bareroot plants may arrive showing few signs of life, they are very much alive and should be planted as soon as possible. Bareroot plants can be slow to “wake up” from their dormant state, occasionally taking four to six weeks to begin showing signs of growth.
If you receive dormant trees or shrubs, remove the poly bag from around the roots and place the roots in a container of water for an hour before planting to rehydrate the root system and give the plant a better start in its new home.
Watch our video for a step by step guide to planting dormant shrubs and roses.
Visit our YouTube channel for more videos on specific planting instructions.
Have questions?
Please don't hesitate to call us at (888) 593-3644, our gardening experts are always happy to help!

What to Do When You Can't Plant Right Away