'Green Ball' Dianthus - 2pc

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A unique addition to any cutting garden! These perfectly round, green heads add unique texture and a charming touch to beds, containers and cut flower arrangements. Characterized by its soft, hairy filaments, 'Green Ball' dianthus provides unique texture and vibrant color to any flower arrangement, lasting two to four weeks in a vase! Includes two actively growing plants in 4” pots.

Originally created by a Dutch flower breeder, this variety immediately took the flower market by storm as a fun, modern flower for cut arrangements. The plants only recently became available outside of commercial cut flower growing operations. This sun-loving perennial produces round flower heads over glossy foliage on upright, strong stems. This sun-loving perennial blooms from mid-spring to mid-fall. These adaptable plants grow in virtually any soil type, making them perfect for containers, rock gardens or mass plantings. They even thrive in inner city environments, tolerating urban pollution with ease! A low maintenance perennial excellent for any gardener in search of a truly unique plant! A great choice for attracting bees and butterflies to your yard, 'Green Ball' is not particularly attractive to deer. This species tends to self-seed and will thereby endure for years in the garden if allowed.
Botanical Name - Dianthus barbatus 'Green Ball'
Hardiness Zones - 3-10
Annual or Perennial - Perennial
Bloom season - Summer to fall
Exposure - Full sun
Drought Tolerant - No
Mature Height - 10 to 14 inches
Mature Width - 8 to 12 inch